[Outdated] Orbs / iron ore farm bot

 · Orbs / iron ore farm bot Hi, I''ve been on these forums for a while without ever posting anything and today i felt like giving a little to the community. First and foremost this bot is my personal bot that i make when i was bored is not perfect, can be inconsistent and far from finished(not sure if i will even keep adding things to it ...

Iron Ore

2021-6-26 · Iron Ore. Normal iron ore from which very little iron can be gathered. Obtained in dungeons.

vindictus superior iron ore spot

2012-12-13 · Exquisite Iron Ore Crafting Recipe – Vindictus DB – Home. Vindictus DB is a database of items, sets, recipes, skills, monsters, titles and more dedicated to Nexon''s Vindictus video game. … Exquisite Iron Ore Crafting Recipe. »More detailed

NPC Crafting Unlocks

 · Vindictus Rep: 5,065. Posts: 659. Member. January 18, 2020 edited September 15 in Battle Quests and Guides. Level 105 Royal Castle Topaz Hall ... Godly Iron Ore (Item Composite at Fergus| Colhen | The Forge) Fine Armor Temporary Repair Kit (Item Composite at Fergus| Colhen | The Forge) ...

Level Up Go Go Event

Level Up Go Go Boxes expire on 8/31 at 7AM UTC. When you open a Level Up Go Go Box, you will get an additional box that can be opened when you reach a certain level or higher. Characters that reach the final Lv. 105 requirement can get the final reward. Level Up Go Go Box → Lv. 15 → Lv. 30 → Lv. 50 → Lv. 70 → Lv. 90 → Lv. 95 → Lv ...

Mining Guide by Kulnaro

 · how to get iron ore? i''m using mine bombs and doesn''t work... droping just in dungeon? :C No one isn''t selling too :C Somebody saaaaaaaave meeeee "/

New abomination weapon

 · Paradise stone seed: able to get up to 6 godly iron ores in lochlann plains assuming you get the super rare 5 godly iron ore drop. Even if no ores drop, the ability can generate one godly iron ore, which makes mining not a total waste. These 4 seeds I can find useful for farming in lochlann plains. Victorious steps: grants a speed boost per kill.

vindictus good places to mine

Vindictus: How to Mine for Iron Ores – . heres a tutorial on how to mine for iron ores. u can sell iron ores for about 4k each at the market place. i … Good, but i REALLY wanna thumbs … 7:06 Vindictus – How to mine … »More detailed

What''s a quick way to level up proficiency?

 · Iron ore (regular): Dethrone the white tyrant; drops 10-15 iron a run with copper or silver as a by product Gold ore: World of Pain. Fine - exquisite iron ore = 80-90 TD area A, ship graveyard area Fine metal solvent/tannin/sewing kit: Brakis or nel for 2500 gold per item. Hilt: Krunk at 1500 gold per item (buy materials shop)

Vindictus Iron Ore Farming

Vindictus Iron Ore Farming. Farming the Shorter Season 3 Story Battles Vindictus Iron ore No seriously Just level a character and always bring mine bombs Between level 10 60 you d have made at least 700k in iron ore ordinary fine superior or otherwise The long winded method is just farm white tyrant Both areas of the raid combined has 4 ore deposits combined Which if you re lucky can give you ...

Buy Vindictus Gold (US)

The real attraction to this is you can start farming iron ore as early as level 10. In the first video, the narrator provides quick routes for maximum drops and minimum clearing time. The video is more meant for Vindictus veterans who already know of iron ore mining …

Superior Iron Ore

2021-9-23 · Superior iron ore from which a considerable amount of iron can be gathered. Obtained in dungeons. Can use all forms of trade. How to Obtain [] Dropped by. Barnacle Bill Simmons (Lv. 50 - 69 Mode) Blackwing (Lv. 50 - 69 Mode) ... Vindictus Wiki is a …

Fine Iron Ore

2021-9-9 · Crafted by FerghusFee: 50 Iron Ore x 3 Metal Solvent x 1 Used in stories Enlarging the Forge Ferghus''s Part-Time Job NPC crafts Expertise craftsMore... Vindictus Wiki Explore

Fine Iron Ore

So, does anyone want to give me 5 Fine Iron Ores? They are really expensive, and looking for them just ends in fail. I''m willing to pay 500 gold a piece. Anyone? ID - blade94. User Info: Hells_spire. Hells_spire 9 years ago #2. 500 gold a piece? they''re worth 3k on west. Also, if you just mine every quest you won''t ever have a problem with ore.

Ore Drops?

It has fairly decent drop rate for Superior Ores, which are fairly expensive (1 Superior = 12+ Iron ores), plus it has a little ore mine right at the mid boss also. So if you are lucky, you can get up to 3 Superior Ores, which is like 36 Iron ores, but on average, you probably get 1per run, plus a ton of night shade.

Crafting Recipes | Rise Update

 · Crafting Recipes | Rise Update. Elynsa. Vindictus Rep: 1,545. Posts: 74. Member. June 25, 2017 edited July 15. in Battle Quests and Guides. Here''s a spreadsheet of all the new crafting recipes for those of you who wish to dive into an …

[Discussion] Best Exquisite Iron ore farming?

 · Anyone know where to get some atleast 1 per run..or close to it?

Best methods for farming/making gold in 2017?

 · Godly iron ore farming can be decent sometimes until someone lists a wall of them (a bunch of stacks at a time on the market). Everyone then has to undercut him because hes putting up more than whats going to sell, he relists the 8-9 stacks that didnt sell the next day at a lower price and this keeps going on till the price bottoms out.

Best spot to farm Superior iron ore?

 · Superior iron ore can be crafted, and can drop from mobs in hoarfrost depths. But your best option is to mine ore in Fomor Base. They drop straight from ore veins in boat 6, along with Fine Fobellow Tin. The best battle to do that in is personal preference and I haven''t decided which I …

Iron Ore

 · how to get iron ore? i''m using mine bombs and doesn''t work... droping just in dungeon? :C No one isn''t selling too :C Somebody saaaaaaaave meeeee "/

iron ore farming vindictus ortel castle

2021-4-10 · Exquisite Iron Ore Official Vindictus Wiki. can be mined from ortel castle. can be mined from ship graveyard, twilight desert, misty summit and moonlight peak lv. & lv. can be obtained from misty summit and moonlight peak bosses lv. crafted by ferghus fee: 200 superior iron ore fine metal solvent npc crafts abyss, adjudicator, alluring spellsword, altar shield, annihilator


Vindictus. Step 1. Gremlin''s Checkered Flag Check-In. You can check the Gremlin''s Checkered Flag Check-In event under the Event menu at the bottom-right of the game screen. Gremlin''s Checkered Flag Check-In event progress will be shared across all characters within the account. Reach the daily cumulative login time of 1 hour with character (s ...

[Patched] Superior iron ores Farming

 · Storeroom: This Mission have 3 maps, and the last map have 2 ore veins, before the boss. [Patched] Superior iron ores Farming - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking & Cheats All Types Forums Posts Groups Group Messages Visitor Messages Albums Pictures Picture Comments Users User Notes

[Question] Iron Ore Farming?

 · [Question] Iron Ore Farming? Hey guys I dropped Vindictus a while ago, and decided to pick it back up. I remember back in the day that a good early source for money was farming Iron Ores in the Polar Bear mission (I forget the name) I was just wondering if that''s still viable, or if theres a better early-level farming system out there ...

best place to get high level ore vindictus

2012-12-5 · Vindictus Easy Ore Farming Part 2 – . Very quick and efficient way of farming Iron, Fine Iron, Copper, Silver & Gold Ore.You need to be level 31 and above for this method. Low level players … »More detailed

Heavenly Leather no longer craftable?

 · Vindictus Rep: 745. Posts: 41. Member. ... 3 freaking mil gold to improve 1 stat in material synthesis while things like H. leather cost like 30k gold and godly iron ore 7k gold.Have fun making 20-30m gold to pay the gold fee on synthesis. We have the same fees on synthesis as you do. Meanwhile, I don''t think leather has ever been under 150k on ...

Exquisite Iron Ore

2021-8-25 · Can be mined from Ortel Castle. Can be mined from Ship Graveyard, Twilight Desert, Misty Summit and Moonlight Peak Lv. 50-69 & Lv. 70-80. (Much more rare in 50-69.) Can be obtained from Misty Summit and Moonlight Peak bosses Lv. 70-80. Crafted by Ferghus Fee: 200 Superior Iron Ore x …